Chair Price List/Daftar Harga Kursi



Kursi Chitose New          /bh        Rp 4,500(per unit)

Kursi Chitose VIP                                7,500(per unit)

Kursi Futura                                       8.500(per unit)

Kursi Futura New                              9.500(per unit)

Kursi Futura VIP                             12.500(per unit)

Kursi Sofa                                         65.000(per unit)

Kursi Sofa VIP                                 85.000(per unit)

Kursi Betawi                                    52.500(per unit)

Meja Kotak+Cover                         30.000(per unit)

Meja Bulat+Cover                          67.500(per unit)

Meja Bulat VIP                               60.000(per unit)

Round Table 6 seats                     125.000(per set)

Round Table 8 seats                     150.000(per set)

Meja Akad Nikah                             52.500 (per unit)


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